Friday 6 March 2015

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Welcome to my blog. I am Chaitanya Kulkarni and I am a student. In my blog, you would get informations on Finance, Business, Economy, Financial Markets, Diplomacy, Technology blah blah blah. And I assure all my blog readers, I will copy material from the best and trusted news network from around the world. I would also write my own stuff Eg. this one.  I may also review books, movies etc.

About the Author

Chaitanya Kulkarni

Naam - Please read above.
Kaam - Kuch nahi. I am a market player.
Age - 20
Books that I have read - The Oxford Dictionary on International Relations, Marketing Mgmt by                                                  Philip Kotler.
I invest in - Mutual funds, Equity Markets, Bank FD and sometimes I also become bank by lending                        money to my friends.
Music - Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, The Beatles, AC/DC, Pearl Jam and many more rock              legends.
Inspiration - Sir David Attenborough, David Gilmour, Michael Wood
Twitter - @chai2kul
Facebook -

That's It!
PS - Kidding! It's just a beginning.

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