Tuesday 31 March 2015

Can IIN replace IIT, IIM?

Idea Internet Network (IIN) is a newbie in the world of education. It recently got famous and was in the news for the invention of Talking Drone. IIN offers specialised No Certificate Course in the field of Kopimism, Drone Making, Teaching, Honesty, Plagiarism. Infact the !dea of talking drone itself is stolen from RMIT University, Melbourne. And the best part is that RMIT has used talking drones for air traffic control instead of delivering breads.

We at The Indian Capitalist spoke with Abhishake Bacchpan who is the Dean of the reputed IIN. He said that the students range from 5 to 100 across all animalia kingdom. The monkey who clicked a Selfie and the cameraman elephant from BBC Planet Earth are our ex students. IIN also plans a 1000000 acre campus in Sharda University, Lovely Professional University and IIPM. IIN also plans to open three schools namely School of Pornography, School of Sarcasm and School of Urban Slangs (SUS). SUS recently signed a MOU with Khap Panchayat Inc. for specialised Haryanvi slangs from Gudgaon. IIN also offers phd in pornography with 100% placement guarantee.

What makes IIN special from its peers?

1) You get admission in your Local Area Network.
2) 100% placement guarantee in School of Pornography.
3) Research Pay as high as your pocket money.
4) Admission Fees @ Rs.128 for 1 month.
5) Industrial Visits to your nearest Idea gallery.
6) 24x7 Relationship manager for all students.

IIN has produced a 2 page thesis on Racism in Emoticons and have suggested Indian smileys too. IIN offers MOOC on all topics. IIN is giving tough competition to Edx and Coursera. The best selling MOOCs from IIN are Hindu Defense League, Khap Panchayat, Anatomy of KRK. Some critics say that IIN stands for Indian Institute of No-Coverage. As per our research, it requires around Rs.70000 for making a drones but the exemplary student from IIN has build the same from his pocket money.

Why just drone? You can build Supersonic fighter jets from IIN.

With stupendous success of IIN, central institutes are going to the doom. Government plans to declare 17 IIMs and 21 IIT as sick unit.

Testimonials about IIN

1) I wouldn't have dropped out, if I was studying at IIN.-Bill Hates ( The man who drank poop water)

2) Abhishake Bachhpan and IIN are the greatest gift to mankind after Gandhi and Kamasutra. - Barackbhau Obama.

3) IIN gave me the inspiration to develop AK-47. - Kailash Nikov.

For admissions contact - http://www.iipm.edu/online-registration/apply/apply.asp

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