Tuesday 22 March 2016

Credihealth - Revolutionizing mHealth in Digital India

Healthcare has come a long way, evolving through centuries of development and the addition of methodologies of cure and care. In fact, the whole approach to medical care and diagnostics has changed – adopting new medicines, care technology, and curing techniques. The IT revolution has transformed the mobile health sector by bringing patients and doctor closer like never before. Basic diagnosis is just a click away in this age of information. This week, The Indian Capitalist reviews the number 1 company in digital healthcare space - Credihealth.

Credihealth is your medical assistant on-the-go. The Android application helps the patient or her family member type the symptoms and it lets you know the nearest doctor available. In case the patient needs surgery, Credihealth helps the patient make an informed decision by providing him with  three or more treatment quotations from leading hospitals. This helps patients compare and select the best option for himself. Credihealth app can search for the best specialist in any field on searching a surgery name. All the health app user needs to do is type in the surgery name, which will then get him a list of top doctors and surgeons who’re experts in performing the surgery.

Features of Credihealth
  • Search according to medical condition, symptom, specialty, doctor or hospital name.
  • Select and confirm your appointment from any of 25,000+ Specialist Doctors from 450+ Hospitals in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Indore.
  • Check credentials, experience, education qualifications, OPD schedule and fees.
  • Get cost estimate of medical procedure from any 3 hospitals of your choice. Medical cost estimation will help you to choose the cheapest option and save your money in important times.
  • Get details about amenities and services of Hospitals.
  • Easy & Hassle FREE appointment booking at NO extra cost
  • Guidance from in-house Medical Experts.
  • You can book doctors appointment by calling Credihealth's tollfree healthline 1800 1022733

The Indian Capitalist tested the app. We searched for doctors related to Cardiology near Girgaum, Mumbai and got the results immediately. The doctors were listed according to their work of experience and were associated with the best known hospitals in my area such as HN Reliance Foundation Hospital, Saifee Hospital, Lilavati, Jaslok Hospital etc. Users get the choice to compare the fees of these experienced doctors. With Credihealth, we can book an appointment with doctors within few minutes in the time of urgency. You can also book the appointments for calling the toll free number.

The Indian Capitalist gives thumb ups to the Credihealth app. Digital healthcare companies like Credihealth have potential to optimise inefficiency and bring transparency to the current state of healthcare in India. With more and more digital Indians getting online, connecting people to the right doctor and hospital using technology is the need of the hour. Download the app here.

By - Chaitanya Kulkarni

Tuesday 8 March 2016

For critical medical care – go for Edelweiss Tokio Life CritiCare+

Few days ago, my friend’s dad had been detected with cancer. The cost of the chemo treatment went as high as 18 lakhs and yet there are grim chances of hope. He had to cancel his Masters admission to University of Auckland, New Zealand as he couldn’t afford the burden of ever increasing hospital bills and his father did not have the right mediclaim insurance policy.

A critical illness insurance plan provides the sum assured on diagnosis itself, thus one doesn’t have to submit hospitalisation bills. Also, one can use the amount the way he/she wants like for daily expenses, advanced treatment, paying EMIs, etc. 2012 GLOBOCAN report suggests India has 10 lakh cases of cancer and nearly 7 lakh cancer deaths. One of the major reason is patients having to discontinue their treatment as they cannot afford it. Cancer treatment in private hospital costs around Rs. 3 lakh for surgery, Rs 2 lakh for IMRT and an additional cost of Rs 1 lakh if chemotherapy is suggested. Indian version of drugs like Herceptin costs Rs 57, 500 per vial, while Rituximab costs Rs.50, 000 per cycle. Looking at the expenses, normal mediclaim policy will exhaust with just a few doses.

We have to admit that air pollution and diabetes increase the chances of critical illness among us. In such situations, it is better to be insured than sorry. This time, we review insurance policies which cover severe to very severe diseases. We have compared Aegon Religare iCancer, HDFC cancer care and Edelweiss Tokio Life – CritiCare+

Edelweiss Tokio Life – CritiCare + stands out as the best policy to buy as it not only covers cancer but 16 other severe diseases too.

The patient can also get lump sum benefit on the diagnosis of critical illness. Since critical illnesses are generally long term, Edelweiss Tokio Life CritiCare+ comes with the multi-claim option where one can claim thrice in a single policy term. Under multi-claim option; patients get waivers on future premiums on the occurrence of their first claim. As per Section 80D of Income Tax Act, an Indian citizen is liable for tax benefit on the premium and claim amount. You can buy Edelweiss Tokio Life CritiCare+ policy here.

With the increase the number of cases of heart attacks and cancer, investing in critical illness insurance is a smart choice. A critical illness may reduce your and your family members’ ability to continue working and also put added pressure on the account of medical expenses involved. It is extremely important to plan well so that your family can work towards your #BounceBack without worrying of finances.

By – Chaitanya Kulkarni ( #BloggerForever )
Twitter - @chai2kul
Instagram – the_indian_capitalist