Monday 18 September 2017

In every way, Dell EMC Forum 2017 was a journey to realize transformation, faster.

Keeping pace with competitive pressure and capitalizing on emerging opportunities today demands the fast uptake of digital transformation at the enterprise level. With digital imperative steadily redefining the rules of the game, digital transformation has gone beyond mere a technology initiative to be a part of the business strategy. In view of this changing business as well as technology landscape, this year’s Dell EMC Forum focused on the next step of the transformation journey. More specifically, how we could realize digital transformation, faster.

While preparing to attend the event, I thought to myself how the idea of enterprise-level digital transformation resonated powerfully with the digital India initiative—aimed at bringing transformation to realize. Or in other words, transforming India into a completely digitally powered society as well as the knowledge economy.

At the event, I got a chance to interact with some IT practitioners to understand their perceptions. They explained that the sessions of the Forum would help them solve business problems with a more cohesive approach.  Furthermore, I realized how vigorously each of them was transforming their business to be more dynamic and serviceable to their customer-base.

All these ideas were nicely included in this year's India Dell EMC Forum, at the core of which was the theme "Realize your digital future,” with a clear intent to see how emerging technologies worked reshaping lives and entire industries. The entire forum was divided into several sub-themes, with DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, MODERN INFRASTRUCTURE: BEST OF BREED PLATFORMS, CLOUD STRATEGY & CONVERGED SYSTEMS, and WORKFORCE TRANSFORMATION being the prominent ones.

Every session revolved around these subjects was not only insightful but also helped me gain a first-hand look at the future of digital transformation. Moreover, I got some real hands-on experience and understanding of industry-leading Dell EMC consulting, Dell's Cloud Client Computing Portfolio, more specifically its Cloud Solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack, Dell PowerEdge Servers, Dell's midrange storage portfolio, just to name a few.

The discussions around 'Workforce Transformation' I found to be very intriguing for larger enterprises who are struggling hard to transform their workforce. It assisted them in understanding how to keep up their workforce with the rate of change. Indeed, it is an important aspect to understand, as the intersection of latest tools, efficient processes, and a dynamic culture is all set to help organizations bring the most out of their workforce.

And there are good reasons too. In 2030, every organization is likely to be a technology organization and as such businesses need to start thinking today about how to future-proof their infrastructure and workforce, according to a report published by Dell Technologies. The report, titled ‘The Next Era of Human-Machine Partnerships’, forecasts that emerging technologies, supported by massive advancements in software, big data, and processing power, would reshape lives. And the society would enter a new phase in its relationship with machines.

Given all things, participating in this year’s Dell EMC Forum was a valuable experience for me.

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