Monday 8 August 2016

The era of cheap SmartTV is already here

Idiot box.. as it was known in the early 60's. Middle class americans and european were amazed by this little square box. Sitting whole day in front of TV in sofa recliner was considered as swag. Sure, it was the most turnaround event in the history of technology as masses were preferring video over audio. Some critiques and economist went too far, blaming television for the end of American growth story. TV is a social tool that allows conversation; something that allows you to laugh, cry and immense yourself in the intrigue and see the wonders of the worlds sitting at home. Modern TV is a fusion of computer and TV. Does it make a TV smart?

SmartTV term was introduced by Samsung. The accurate term for today's 'SmartTV' would be connected TV. Connected TV allows videos, radio and other functions possible on TV through Wi-Fi. The open web isn't the good experience for consumers as the open web wasn't designed for 80 inch televisions. Most of the ConnectedTVs use linux or android system today. ConnectedTV enables to stream a video from laptop or mobile to your TV without loosing any pixelations.

Modern Connected TV are more than just streaming connect. They come high end quad core processors and RAM. There are a hell lot of cool features like voice recognition and hand gesture. But I am still not convinced for spending lakhs for this not so smart TVs. You can connect laptop screen to most LCD and LED TV by HDMI cables. Most TV companies today provide HDMI cable for free or you can buy the same for Rs. 200. The smarter option for converting your LED TV into a ConnectedTV is using Chromecast or Teewe. is of opinion that smartTV isn't ready yet. A smartTV would require a high speed internet connection with the download speed of minimum 20Mbps and upload speed of 5Mbps to view 4K content of your choice.

Sony, LG and Samsung have selling wide range of 'SmartTV' in India. Make sure you buy a TV which plays newer x265 codec with mkv and m4v file. has listed down top 5 by random order cheap ConnectedTV. Selection criteria - HD 1080p, 65 inch LED TV.

- VU 55inch Full HD Smart LED TV - Rs. 51,990
- LG Full HD Smart LED TV - Rs. 97,000
- LeTV SuperTV 4K 55inch - Rs. 95,000
- Sony Bravia 55inch 1080p Smart TV - Rs. 1,10,000
- Toshiba 55inch Android LED TV - Rs. 85,000

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