Sunday 20 September 2015

Uranium : God or Evil?

The story of this magical rock begins in 1940s when US Military tested world’s first nuclear bomb in the deserts of Mexico. It created a giant mushroom cloud and generated massive amount of heat which crystallized the land into blue crystals. Physicists all around the world were amazed by the potential of this small rock. But today, this small rock – Uranium has changed our world.

Uranium is present everywhere and is evenly spread across the biosphere.  Ionizing radiation of Uranium is measured in micro-sieverts (ms). The global average of the ms is around 2 ms . The Church of Nagasaki where the atomic bomb hit records around 4 ms today. But the basement of Chernobyl Nuclear Site measures at around 500ms making the place unlivable for next 200 years. When atoms of uranium collide, they spread around with smaller atoms chaining the radiation with wind, clouds and radioactive things (this includes radioactive people). Like every element, Uranium has its own half life. Nuclear reactors use Caesium – 137 which has a half life of 30 years. And this long half life makes places like Pripyat, Fukushima unlivable.

But the fact of clean limitless energy cannot be ignored. The heat generated with Uranium 235 collision is converted into electricity and steam is released. Only uranium can fulfill our quest to have everything. Modern world nuclear accident hasn’t killed a single human but in fact Uranium has saved many lives. Uranium plays a pivotal role in the field of radiology. The radiation inserted into the body by nuclear injections can detect early cancers.

The history of uranium is based on measured risks. The energy in the atom is the most destructive force the world has ever seen. It can also be one of the greatest blessings god has given to us. Whichever it is, on that depends the future of mankind. We have unleashed the power of an atoms. The impact of this magical rock has changed the course of scientific evolution. There is no future without Uranium.

- Chaitanya Kulkarni (

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