Monday 13 July 2015

Honda Dream Ride in all new Honda Jazz 2015

The wait is over! Honda has come up with the most anticipated hatch-back of the year, the all new Honda Jazz 2015. And we have tested it. The all new Honda Jazz comes in Petrol and the Diesel variant. So is this the winner?

Yes. The Jazz is a good looking car by any angle. It has large angular headlights which are similar to its big sibling, the Honda City. The front engine grills come with the chrome lining and black elements. At the back, there is silver chrome running across the middle with the Honda logo in it. There are angular lights at the back too giving it the smart looks.

Inside, the Jazz comes loaded with features. The steering wheel comes with the volume buttons and lots of other button which do geeky stuff. There is a touch screen remote control for the AC. There is LCD touch screen for functions like GPS Navigation, Music etc. The Jazz supports all forms of audio systems which means you can even play an electronic guitar using the AUX. The Jazz comes with rear camera which makes bumper-to-bumper parking handy. The speedometer has lighted up with different colours depending on your driving style. But is it practical?

Yes. There are plenty places keep bottles. The Honda Jazz comes with 354 liter boot which is awesome for a hatchback. The back seats can be completely folded which makes it a van. The ‘van’ Jazz can easily carry your monthly grocery and around 6 trolley bags. The front rear seat can be folded too and it can give you business class experience. The Honda Jazz 2015 gets 10/10 in practicality.

Under the bonnet, the Honda Jazz comes with 1.2 liter engine. The Jazz gives smooth ride and the automatic model would be the best buy for Indian cities. The jazz swiftly goes around the corners.  The gearbox feels smooth which makes it a smooth drive.

The Honda Jazz 2015 starts from Rs 5.6 lakhs ( ex – Mumbai ) and runs high on practicality. Both petrol and diesel variants saves your cost. When you drive the new Jazz, the interiors and the exteriors feel sublime. The Honda Jazz 2015 is the best ever hatchback ever made. Honda Jazz 2015 stands above the competition.

By - Chaitanya Kulkarni ( )

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