Thursday 23 September 2021

What’s next in the data-driven world – A vivid picture at the #DellTechForum 2021

Dell Tech Forum 2021

Dell Technologies is truly pulling out all stops to enable its customers and partners navigate towards the digital future. And this message was brilliantly delivered at the Keynote Sessions at Dell Technologies Forum, today.

It was very inspiring to hear Dell Technologies’ leaders at the keynote sessions, as they shared vivid pictures of what the digital future is going to look like, and how businesses can accelerate forward with the right technology at the right place. The President and Managing Director of Dell Technologies India, Alok Ohrie, had the audience hooked at the very beginning with his inspiring statement on how humanity can thrive under any circumstance. Some of the statistics from Mr. Ohrie’s session that were really inspiring were ‘how 52% of Indian firms adopted digital ways of working practices in 2020, 138,000 new hires were brought into the IT industry in India during the FY22, and how India’s ICT spend is expected to be $111 billion by 2024’ – These numbers really amazed me!

It was also quite invigorating to hear Mr. Ohrie elaborate upon how Dell Technologies has been relentlessly innovating to empower its customers and partners across industries – even during the most challenging times in the history - with its end-to-end portfolio of technologies and solutions. And not just that. The technology giant also invests in collaborations and program to empower the youth of the country with tech skills. Together with NGOs and Government bodies, they have set up workshops, labs, programs and much more – everything aimed at helping the youth to become digitally empowered.

But…What truly grabbed my attention were the sessions by Amit Midha, President, Asia Pacific & Japan and Global Digital Cities, Dell Technologies and Jeff Boudreau, President and General Manager, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies – on the role of data in defining the digital future. The leaders elucidated the criticality for businesses to build a data-first mindset and a business model.

Few statistics that I would like to highlight from Jeff Boudreau’s session are how consumers across the globe had spent $900 billion on retail during 2020 and the prediction that 52% of global GDP will be driven by digitally transformed enterprises by 2023 – leaves high hopes for businesses. The insights also reflected how businesses need to adopt the right technology and solution to leverage the huge volumes of data that is being generated everywhere and drive value out of the same.


The economy now moves on a current of data & data is everywhere - It's on-prem, in the cloud & in the co-located datacenter”  -- Jeff Boudreau, President and General Manager, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies



Another interesting highlight that Amit Midha had mentioned is the present day data paradoxes that businesses are facing.

Reiterating the data paradoxes:

Paradox #1: Businesses believe they are data-driven yet many are not treating data as capital - they do not prioritize data uses across the business

Paradox #2: Businesses constantly need data more than their current capabilities can provide and yet they are gathering data faster than they can analyze and use

Paradox #3: Many businesses recognize and believe in the benefits of as-a-Service model, which gives them agility, scalability - yet only a few have made the transition to integrating it

The insights by Amit Midha also reflected how Dell Technologies is constantly innovating to enable businesses to overcome these data paradoxes with its comprehensive portfolio of solutions and derive real data value, regardless of where it resides.

With all these insights, I now look forward to the breakout sessions that will focus on the future of IT, Work and Data, and how businesses can leverage Dell Technologies’ solutions portfolio to catapult their digitalization goals.

I also can’t wait to be a part of the startup session and the session on women in technology. It will be interesting to know how Dell is enabling startups to stay resilient. And like every year, I am sure the celebrity chat session with a renowned sportsperson will also be invigorating this year. I am surely betting on some memorable moments to take back and eagerly awaiting the next.

If you want to know what’s next, do follow Dell Technologies on Twitter and Facebook and catch all the action. This is where you will get you know what lies ahead in the digital future! 


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