Tuesday 27 February 2018

Expats ❤️ India

Working in India is in demand as expats here earn more than double salary than the global average.

With the world opening up its markets for business, multi-national companies have established their business presence all over the world. Due to regional and religious disturbances, the global economy is going through turbulent times. Countries like India, China and ASEAN economies have cushioned the damages with its high growth markets. In the words of PM Modi, India has 3Ds to offer to the world - Democracy, Demography and demand. India is the youngest democracy in the world. Doing business all over the world is made possible by the personal and professional commitment of expats. Expats, despite being having political and cultural difference make key decision making roles for the organisation. HSBC Expat Survey is an online survey taken in 46 countries with the input from lakhs of expats working globally. The report sheds some unique insight on expats living in India and Indians working abroad.

Key Findings - HSBC Expat Survey

- Singapore is the world's best overall destination for expats.
- New Zealand is the best destination for an experience. 58% of expat respondents felt an improvement in the quality of life.
- The Netherlands is the best destination for family. Expats feel it has one of the best education and healthcare systems.
- Switzerland is the best destination for economics. It is the highest rank country for confidence in the local economy and political stability.
- 41% of expats feel that the move has given them a positive outlook on life.
- 62% of expats own property somewhere in the world, with 9% both at home and abroad.
- USD 99,990 is the average income of an expat.
- 47% of expats retired abroad did so for a better climate and 44% for an appealing lifestyle.

Expats ❤️ India

India draws many expats for work and financial opportunities, but new arrivals often find an improvement in family ties. Family forms an essential part of the Indian culture, thus reflecting in family-friendly labour laws. Pregnant women here enjoy one of the highest paid leaves. India enjoys a higher work-life balance than other European or American countries.

India is always on the move. India has earned its fastest growing economy tag due to consistent large-scale economic reforms. Expats living in India are confident in the local economy. Despite having many regional and national political parties, India enjoys political stability due to its democratic style of functioning.

India has recently taken a giant leap in Ease of Doing Business. More than half of expats living in India feel that it is easy to start and do business in India. Expats in India also enjoy one of the highest salaries in the world. An average expat working in India draws an annual salary of USD 1,76,000.

India has a long way to go. Mumbai, the financial capital of India currently lacks world-class infrastructure. Morning and evening rush hours are deadly with more than 10 deaths in the super jam-packed Suburban railway system. Mumbai is investing heavily in developing metro systems and expressways, but higher domestic demand and limited supply may not be enough. Despite this, real estate prices in Mumbai rival to Manhatten.

Despite being looted and tortured by white skins for several hundred years, Indians strongly believe in Athihi Devo Bhava (Guests are equivalent to God) and Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (The World is one family). Expats working in India feel that their family life is improved significantly. Expat children easily make good friendship with Indian kids. The role of common language - English also plays a significant role in nurturing cordial relations.

In contrast, the HSBC expat survey reports that Indians working abroad draw lower salary than the global average. Expats working in India's largest city, Mumbai can typically expect to bring home a sizable $217,165 salary whereas Indians expats working abroad draw an average salary of USD 86,000.

- Chaitanya Kulkarni

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