Wednesday 18 January 2017

Aroma on wheels - Best Car Perfume in India

Spices, Wet sand, camphor, sandalwood agarbatti, an aroma of masala chai and industrial oduor.. these are the smells associated with India. The best way to feel the aroma of India is road trip. You can feel the real spirit of India on National Highways. There are certain smells associated with different parts of India. I love to drive of Mumbai - Goa highway. An aroma of masala chai for an overnight drive through the Western Ghats. Through Khandala, you can smell an aroma of stream water. Stream water is associated with freshness and purity.

Godrej Aer, the aroma expert has introduced Godrej Aer Click which has the looks to kill with an amazing fragrance which reminds us of nature. Godrej Aer offers a range of car fresheners available in various designer fragrances. With a technology that makes sure your car smells consistently good for two months. Kolhapur is associated with red hot chilly masala ( lal tadka as the locals call it). Feel the tadka of spices when you travel through the holy city of Kolhapur.

Nipani is small border town in Karnataka. Filter coffee is highly recommended for State Highway drive through Amboli Ghats. It is scientifically proven that aroma of coffee sharpens our senses which is utmost important while driving a cars through twisty ghats which reach Banda. After descending the ghats, a take to Morjim and avoid state entry toll ( saved your Rs. 400 so that you can refill Godrej Aer after 2 months ). Goa!!! Tune to reggae music and Godrej Aer cool surf blue fragrance. The freshness delivered from godrej aer click will inspire to paraglide and surf on Arambol beach. And there will always be a friend who smokes in car. Turn on Godrej Aer musk after smoke fragrance to kill the smell so that at least your nose is spared.

Godrej Aer Click is among the best car freshener you can find online. Try out different fragrances of Godrej Aer Click on different terrains of National Highway.

- Chaitanya Kulkarni


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