Monday 9 May 2016

Live more, bank less with digibank

Imagine a banking technology with no paperwork, no submission of multiple copies for KYC and with no hassle of having your signature matched with your ID Proof. A bank so personalised that can operate without cheque books, branches, pay-slips. There is much more to do in life than visiting a branch. May be you could just visit one in your mobile! Think no more because it's already being done. Bringing together the whole new suite of cutting edge technology, DBS, Singapore's best and Asia's safest bank has launched India's first mobile only bank named Digibank.

Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar is among the first users of digibank. Sachin had a fabulous experience with digibank as it took him only 90 seconds to open a digisavings account. With digibank, Sachin can now utilise his time well out of his busy schedule. Sachin can be seen cooking, shopping, playing football and even painting because there is more to do in life than banking. Sachin has been spotted hanging out with Digor, the cool dinosaur. Digor has survived extinction as he keeps up with time by embracing change. Digor uses digibank tells the story to live more and bank less.

Digibank is safest bank backed by e-KYC procedures and cutting edge security systems. It works on all Android and iOS devices. All you need to do is download the banking application from Google Playstore or Apple App Store and you can become a digibank customer in just 90 seconds!

The signup process is as easy 1 2 3. Create your username and password. Submit your Aadhar Card, Pan Card and boom.. your digisavings account is now active. You may now load e-wallet from Net Banking, Credit Card and Debit Card to enjoy the services.

Safety first

With digibank, payments and fund transfers are easy and secure. Digibank uses dynamic inbuilt security which is more safer than OTP. It is equipped with an embedded soft token security and all you are left with is your transaction getting authenticated. By clicking on the persons photo, you can transfer funds to your friends or family. Digibank app also lets you to add new payee by clicking on 'add a new payee' photo.

The Uber of Banking

Financial services industry is on the cusp of digital revolution. Technology has the power to provide inclusion, innovation, easiness and security. Digibank is India's first mobile only located in your pocket. DigiBank customers can converse with 24/7 virtual assistance to get your queries answered on banking transactions. You can either type or speak with your phone and the answers are ready. For instance, "What are my last 3 transactions with Airtel?" or "what is the balance in my account?" Et voila!

There's more. You can also send money via virtual assistance. DigiBank's virtual assistance is tailored to answer 10000 queries and is regularly updated. Save your valuable time by saying good-bye to call centres.

Digibank is a smart banking application which puts your expenses into charts so that you can analyse your money. Digibank's intuitive budget optimiser studies your spending paterns and even guides you on your progress. It monitors your progress in money management and also gives tips to save more. Digibank also gives privilege category wise offers so that you spend less and save more.


Digibank offers tailored deals according to your spending patterns. For instance, if you buy electronics, then you will get deals on mobiles, tv etc.
No minimum balance is required to open a digibank account.
Digibank offers an attractive 7% interest from the 1st rupee invested.
There are free, unlimited ATM transactions with your digibank Visa debit card.
Sachin and Digor have become movie buddies because digibank users get exclusive discounts on movie tickets with bookmyshow.

TIC's take

With over 800 million smartphones, mobile banking will bring inclusion and reduce technological gap. It has the capacity to reach its customers at a lightening speed when compared to branch banking. Digibank's smarter virtual assistance and intuitive budget planning is a game-changer in financial literacy and self help for both urban and rural. It's global, it's local... it's Glocal.

With disruptive technology, digibank stands as a winner in today's banking scenario. With over 800 million smartphones, mobile banking will bring inclusion and reduce technological gap.  In the near future, the same platforms may be used for lending through smart algorithms. Addition of local languages like Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, etc may bring about a glocal experience on your smartphone. Digibank unbanks the banking business and tells you to live more and bank less.

- Chaitanya Kulkarni ( )

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